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Specialty Products available at Karp's HardwareSPECIALTY PRODUCTS

Cofish Professional Foul Weather Gear
Lacrosse Waterproof Boots
Stainless Specialty Hardware
Welding Supplies
Electronic Rodent Killers
Velvetop Ashpalt Driveaway Sealer
Buck, Leatherman and Swiss Army Brands

Just as the needs of our customers are varied and far-reaching, so are our product offerings. Just a few of our special items are listed here.

Karp's proudly stocks Cofish foul weather gear. Our professional fishermen and landscaper customers demand the quality only Cofish builds into their extraordinary line of foul weather gear.

Karp's stocks Lacrosse boots for clammers, fisherman, lobstermen and brewer too! Ask a fisherman, he can tell you about the importance of keeping you feet warm and dry at work! He'll tell you to buy Lacrosse brand footwear.

Karp's keeps an assortment of miniature stainless steel hardware for marine radios, cell phones, computer disk drives and other tiny needs. Miniature hardware and miniature torx and safety torx drivers are needed for assembly and installation of electronics in cars, boats and aircraft. If you need a flat head, stainless steel, #3 machine screw for the back of your boat's GPS, Karp's is your kind of hardware store!

Rat Zappers are another one of our favorite specialty items. Rats or mice enter the Zapper in search of the bait, and a mega-amp charge ZAPS them instantly into rodent heaven. In a not very Buddist manner, your rat or mouse problem is eliminated.

Hardware stores are supposed to have hardware, right? Well, it's come to our attention that many hardware stores have fallen behind the curve in their product offerings. To combat this failing trend, we've overcompensated by offering too much of a selection. Our hardware store is committed to having the best hardware selection anywhere. See how your local store compares.

Just as a tiny example, we stock all the following STAINLESS items for your boat, pool, jet ski, quad, car or motorcycle. Stainless set screws, stainless socket head cap screws, stainless lag bolts, stainless carriage bolts, stainless metric hex heads, stainless metric pan heads, stainless miniature screws #1 and up, stainless fender washers, stainless acorn nuts, lock nuts, wing nuts and of course, the almost ordinary stainless hex bolts, sheet metal and machine screws.

Karp's is the only place around to get welding supplies and accessories seven days a week. We stock replacement tips for cutting torches and mig welders. We have a great selection of welding wire, welding rod, welding clamps, abrasives and wire wheels. Need something for your welding project? Come see us, we'll help you out!

Karp's has another specialty product we are proud to tell you about. Locally made VelveTop brand driveway sealer for blacktop driveways. VelveTop driveway sealer is the only driveway sealer worth using. If you've already used the watery junk sold in the big home-center stores, you know you're ready for something better. Driveways are expensive to replace! The nasty Long Island winters are hard on blacktop surfaces. With a little care and a regular coating of Velvetop sealer, you'll get many more years out of nearly any driveway. We have a FREE driveway care guide available for the asking.

Originally made as a professional coating for commercial use on municpal tennis courts, but now available to homeowners, VelveTop is made on Long Island, for Long Islanders.

Some hardware stores sell Leatherman tools. Some sell Swiss Army brand knives, and some even sell Buck or Gerber knives. At Karp's, we have them all! Need a special gift for the special man or women on your list? Come see our selection of American-made pocket knives and tools at very low prices. For example, the hottest Leatherman tool, called the Wave, sells for $84.00 at our local Sports Authority store. We sell it for $69.00 everyday. You pay $15.00 less at Karp's.

Since it's impossible to list everything special about a great store like Karp's, we'd like to invite you to visit. Mention the web site, and get a free gift just for stopping by!

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